Telling stories around a campfire may sound more like something you would do on vacation, rather than in the classroom. But in Ann Monsees’ fourth-grade class at Bayville Intermediate School, campfire stories are a regular part of the curriculum.

Sitting around the campfire and reading stories is Ms. Monsees’ way of getting her students excited about books. By reading aloud or having the children present book reports in a circle by the campfire, reading becomes more fun. “Everyone wants to read around the campfire – it’s a lot more exciting than sitting at their desks,” Ms. Monsees noted. The fourth-grade teacher purchased the simulated fire pit for her classroom in order to provide the students with a new experience.

Bayville Intermediate School Principal Scott McElhiney said he is proud that his teachers do an excellent job in making their lessons memorable and lots of fun. “Miss Monsees’ campfire reading lessons will certainly help make meaningful connections for the students in her class.”