The Writers/Directors’ Monologue Workshop: “HERO” was a moving and impressive array of performances by LVHS students. The monologues were not only performed by these students, but written and directed by them as well.

Under the direction of Mr. Lynch and Mrs. Bolitho, the following students wrote, directed, and performed in their own monologues:

   Emily Canales
   Deborah Davidson
   Laura Doukas                                                           
   Rhonda Drewes
   Mitch Guadagni
   Anne Hollmuller                                                      
   Shivangi Kakar
   Richard Kihm
   Riley Larkin                                                             
   Chris Manzi
   Jamie Murcott                                
   Annarose Settepani                                             
   Jessica Turner

   With Special performances by Ernest Schieferstein and Emily Parks (performing the works of other students).