Locust Valley High School students are up for any academic challenge, so when they were invited to participate in The Long Island Challenge, they stepped up to the plate. The contest, in which Locust Valley competed against Carey High School aired on Nov. 15. For anyone who missed it, News12 will run the show sporadically over the next few weeks, so keep checking. The LV team did a superb job and the final score was very close!

The Long Island Challenge, sponsored by News12, is an educational televised quiz show designed to test students' knowledge of history, arts and literature, science and math. A total of 64 teams from across Long Island are competing this fall. Teams advance through an elimination system to the next round with the possibility of playing in the County Championship, Regional Championship, and Tri-State Championship.

The LVHS team consisted of Eerik Helmick, Eric Padilla, Veronica Palumbo, Cristina Sorrento, and Alternate Elizabeth Siliato. The students were selected by taking a qualifying exam which included typical Long Island Challenge quiz bowl questions. The team has been coached by LVHS math teacher Lisa Marino.