After reading his books, creating artwork based on his stories, and learning about his life, students at Ann MacArthur Primary School and Locust Valley Intermediate School had the opportunity to meet author James Howe in person!

The writer of more than 80 children’s books was the guest at Author’s Day, sponsored by the Locust Valley Parent Council. Mr. Howe shared writing tips with the students, including stories about where he gets his ideas, how he creates a book, and how long it takes him to finish just one story.

Second graders dressed as characters from some of Mr. Howe’s most popular stories and created clues for the audience so they could guess who they were. Having read so many of the writer’s series, nobody was stumped!

In this photo, students hold a mock-up of one of James Howe's books before it was finalized. The author explained that after the story is illustrated, he often makes more revisions to make the words and pictures work better together.