Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice spoke to high school students about the dangers of drinking and driving, using drugs, and Internet Safety. Through real life examples of cases she has prosecuted, Ms. Rice told the students she was trying to scare them in order to keep them from making destructive decisions.

Students were told that if they are caught driving while under the influence, they risk losing their drivers license until the age of 21; that they could kill someone, including a child; and that they would be convicted of a felony – an offense that would prevent them from getting a job or being admitted to college.

Additionally, the DA reminded the group that photos they post on the Internet via social networking sites such as Facebook could adversely affect their lives as well. Colleges perform Internet searches on applicants before deciding if they should admit them and employers do the same, she explained.

The visit, organized by the LVHS Parent Council, was part of Red Ribbon Week, which focuses on teaching students to make good decisions.