Throughout the school district, teachers, assistants, support staff, and more are offering more than just classroom lessons to teach our students. Members of the LVSEA are teaching by example. This holiday season, as they have done for many years, this altruistic group organized a gift collection for local families in need.

While the staff members donated clothing, toys, stuffed animals, and more, they had no idea who was getting the gifts. They were given wish lists with clothing sizes and all, and they sprang into action. Faculty rooms were filled with beautifully wrapped gifts that will brighten the holidays for many children in the district who otherwise would have gone without.

School psychologists were the only ones who knew the identities of the recipients and will deliver the gifts to the parents, who will then be able to use the resources they have for other much needed items.

Kudos to the LVSEA for making the effort to give selflessly and ensure that the holidays are happy for all!