Thanks to the Bayville and Locust Valley fire departments, primary school students are better prepared to handle an emergency. Fire department representatives shared important safety tips with students and gave them tours of their emergency vehicles.

Students from Ann MacArthur Primary School visited the Locust Valley Fire Department, where they explored an ambulance and fire truck and had the opportunity to ask questions. They were also invited for a snack inside the firehouse, where they learned safety measures in the event of a fire.

The Bayville Fire Department brought their firefighters and trucks to Bayville Primary School, where students got a glimpse of the inside of the vehicles. They also had the opportunity to hold the fire hose and learn how to operate it (without the water turned on).

Some of the tips the children learned included calling 911, having a family meeting place outside of the home, and remembering to stop, drop and roll. These lessons enhanced the curriculum, which included the topic of fire safety.

“Seeing the fire trucks and meeting the firefighters makes the lesson fun, thereby making it more likely that children will remember these important safety tips,” said Ann MacArthur Primary School Principal Dr. Sophia Gary. Both departments distributed miniature fire hats and other goodies to the children, which will help to reinforce the message, she added.