One of Locust Valley’s very own teachers has been honored by having an entire chapter of a book devoted to her. Karen Kriesberg, a teacher at Locust Valley Elementary School, was the subject of a chapter in a book by Bank Street professor Sal Vascellaro, entitled Out of the Classroom and into the World. In his book, the author illustrates how three of his former students, one being Karen Kriesberg, transformed their classrooms through field trip curricula, opening their children’s hearts and minds as they discovered their world. He shows how—in order to pursue these studies in depth—reading, writing, science, mathematics, map and model making, and the arts are seamlessly woven throughout.

Ms. Kriesberg’s expert teaching strategies and development of a unique Native American studies curriculum are presented in the book, written by her former professor and thesis advisor. Her curriculum focuses on honoring all children and their backgrounds, but uses Native American Culture, and her work with the Shinnecock Reservation, as the focus.

Professor Vascellaro quotes Ms. Kriesberg as saying, “You have to be passionate about what you are doing and have to believe in it for it to take shape. You get that from experience. And you need the passion to be a teacher.”

Locust Valley is lucky to have such an experienced, passionate teacher, and congratulates Ms. Kriesberg on being recognized for her excellence!