As part of an on-going anti-bullying effort, ten eighth graders recently attended Middle School Tolerance Day to hear inspiring stories from their peers on overcoming intolerance and implementing positive programs.

Attending this important seminar at Barry Tech BOCES in Westbury, were Franco D’Auria-Gupta, Michael Shearer, William Shearer, James Babinski, Shanaz Sanjana, Natalie DiLascio, Julianne Larkin, Magnus Carlstrom, Zachary Aristei, and Gabby Berritto.

These students listened to three young anti-bullying activists who shared inspiring stories of how they overcame intolerance and implemented various programs in their own schools and beyond. The focus of these programs is to empower victims of bullying.  The students also met with middle school students from across Nassau County in break-out sessions, to brainstorm ideas for creating schools in which every student would feel safe and secure.  

These eighth graders are now Locust Valley’s “Ambassadors of Tolerance” and will disseminate the important lessons they learned to students in our own school.