Sometimes puppets can be the best messengers when it comes to teaching children about sensitive topics. “Ricky” and “JoAnn”, two puppets from the Epilepsy Foundation of Long Island’s Kids on the Block troupe were the perfect teachers when it came time to increase awareness of Epilepsy at Bayville Intermediate School.

The two puppets performed a short skit, in which “Ricky” acted as though he was having a seizure – a typical Epilepsy symptom. Following the skit, BI students had the opportunity to ask “Ricky” questions about what it was like to have Epilepsy. The puppets also taught the group what to do if someone they are with has a seizure.

School Psychologist Scott Gallagher said using puppets can help the students to feel more comfortable asking sensitive questions, which in turn helps them get more answers.

According to The Kids On The Block, Inc., learning starts when the show begins and the program is beneficial because it increases students’ disability awareness at the same time that it de-stigmatizes epilepsy and the individuals that have it.