Locust Valley singers enjoyed a personal concert and master class lesson from Cornell University’s A Capella group, The Touchtones. The all-girls group sang some of their favorite original arrangements, and then taught the eighth-grade chorus and high school concert chorus how to sing those same songs. LVHS graduate (Class of 2008) Samantha Padilla, is a member of the group and organized the visit back to her alma mater.  She was impressed with the vocal abilities of the LV groups and told them she was proud to be back.

“Besides showing our students that there is music after high school, it sparked enthusiasm in them for this type of singing,” explained William Margiotta, the district’s music chairperson.  Some students stayed after class for a chance to talk to the group, or to sing one last solo with them.

Learning to blend with each other was a big part of the lesson, as members of The Touchtones gave mini workshops to the class, separated by soprano, alto, tenor and bass.  After the workshop, the four groups put their voices together and blended perfectly. The Touchtones encouraged the high school singers to join musical groups in college, telling them it would enrich their college experience.

Thank you to the Touchtones for taking time out of their busy schedule to make an impact on LVHS musicians!