Bayville Primary students love to read. Why wouldn’t they, when reading at BP is so much fun? Students were treated to an extra-special, or extra-terrestrial, book fair, sponsored by the PTA. Like most book fairs, students browsed the shelves, filling their arms with adventure, humor, non-fiction, and so much more. Waiting for them after they made their selections was a green-faced alien that loves to read!

The alien, a.k.a. BP Assistant Principal Dorothy McManus, sat on the floor and had the children share their new books with her. She chose a few and read aloud to a small group, much to their delight.

“Reading is an adventure, and what child doesn’t like a little adventure in the middle of the day?” Ms. McManus noted.  “ The PTA brought in a wide variety of books to choose from, so there was something to satisfy all kinds of readers.”