Locust Valley Middle School students are competing for the opportunity to shave a teacher’s head. All they have to do … is homework.  Students in each grade are striving to get their homework done every night. They are double checking that the work is done, reminding their friends to do their homework and in the end, completing a record number of assignments on time – for the chance to win the homework contest and shave the head of one of their teacher’s at the end of the year.

They’ve always been motivated by the desire to achieve high grades, however, this year, sixth-seventh-and eighth-grade students are more motivated than usual. The grade that completes the most homework throughout the school year will have the opportunity to shave their teacher’s head at the end of the year. Actually, two teachers have volunteered for the homework contest’s big reward. Dr. Stephen Wolf and Mr. James Rogin will each have their heads shaved by a student  in the grade that wins the contest – students will be chosen through a drawing.

The contest’s goal is to encourage all the students to complete each and every homework assignment and to enjoy the process. To keep motivation up all year long, each grade has two faculty members that are growing beards based on the percentage of homework assignments done each week. As long as the grade being represented has completed 90 percent or more of their homework each week, the “homework mascot” does not shave his beard. The students enjoy seeing their usually clean shaven teachers, growing beards to support them. When an entire grade dips below the 90 percent level, the “homework mascots” shave and start all over again.

“Motivating students with something fun, creates the opportunity for success,” explained Locust Valley Middle School Principal H. Thomas Hogan. “It’s fun for everyone, teachers included and kids are doing their homework – that’s the real prize.”

Thanks to all the grades keeping up with their homework,  nobody has shaved  so far– although beard trimming is allowed, so teachers still appear neat and clean!