PSAT Accommodations … The Steps

Students needing accommodations for the PSAT were assisted in taking those steps last year, in concert with annual reviews, in order to meet the deadline to apply for accommodations that occurred during August.

If your child has received a letter from the College Board approving the accommodation, please contact Lori Saland, the District’s Assistant Director of Individual Needs, at 277-5170 so that Locust Valley High School is aware that the student has been approved. Additionally, all students need to register for the PSAT in the Guidance Office.  A letter was sent out early in September regarding PSAT registration to homes of all 10th and 11th graders.  The exam fee is $20. and students are asked to sign up now through October 7th.

If you have been denied PSAT accommodations or have not received a response to your application for accommodations, please call Lori Saland’s office (277-5170) immediately so she can begin the appeal process on your behalf or check the status of your application.