Locust Valley High School students are bucking national and state trends by improving their SAT scores---and, that is a very good thing!

At the same time that the SAT scores were falling across New York State and across our country, the mean SAT score at LVHS increased in every one of the aptitude test’s three areas – reading, math, and writing.

In reading alone, Locust Valley students saw an increase in their scores of 7% during the past three years. The same is true for math and writing, with Locust Valley students increasing 4% in math and 6% in writing.

There are a number of reasons for LVHS student achievement increases on these important tests. One of the most important was our District's recognition of the importance of student preparation for and completion of the PSAT as being invaluable practice for the SAT.

Free PSAT preparation courses, before and after school, provide our students with the opportunity to work with Locust Valley teachers on the test taking skills which are needed for the PSAT and eventually for the SAT. In addition as early as middle school, our students are given SAT math problems of the day and SAT words of the day. This and other curriculum alignment improvements have helped students to become familiar with testing style, vocabulary, and other test taking skills at an earlier age than was previously the case.

From all the data, it appears that this early preparation is clearly paying off!

Click on the image below to view a chart comparing Locust Valley scores to national and statewide scores.

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