Locust Valley firefighters came to assist Locust Valley Intermediate School students on Sept. 25, but not with an emergency. They were at the school to enhance the curriculum. 

Fifth-graders are learning about the traits that make up the IB Learner’s Profile, which includes risk taking and character qualities that promote and support collaboration and teamwork. Student Jack Baker quickly realized that his father’s job as a firefighter fit perfectly into the character profiles he was learning about in class. Jeff Baker agreed with his son and volunteered to come to school and talk about the risks and benefits of being a firefighter.

Baker, the former chief of the Locust Valley Fire Department, along with Lt. Bruce Dannan, shared his expertise with the fifth-graders, including the risks, rewards and learning experiences that come from the job. 

Jack’s teacher, Katherine Smith, said the presentation was an ideal enhancement to the curriculum. “Mr. Baker gave real-life examples of the lessons we are focusing on in class,” she said, adding that there was another important aspect to the visit. “For me, these are the special moments in teaching – when we bring families and communities together through a shared appreciation of human values.”