Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are pleased to inform you that a new telephone system has been installed throughout our District and in all of our school buildings.  The new phone system and new phone numbers were activated on August 15th.

This system brings us a state of the art infrastructure with many new features.  Most importantly, this new phone system will make communication easier and more effective and efficient.  It will also make telephone service more predictable within and between our schools, as well as between parents and faculty. 

The new system will enable all of our teachers and administrators to have access to voicemail.  Parents who want to leave messages for faculty members will be able to call any of our schools, select the appropriate faculty member’s name from a menu and leave a voicemail message.  Parents will also be able to continue to send email messages through our website,  Staff members will be notified through email that they have received new voicemail messages. 

Please note that a directory is available in our 2009-2010 school calendar as well as on our website.

In the event that you experience any difficulties with the new phone system, please feel free to notify the Principal of your child’s school.                                                                                       



Anna F. Hunderfund, Ed.D
Superintendent of Schools