First-graders at Ann MacArthur Primary School became researchers, writers, artists, and museum curators as they created their very own Animal Museum, opened to parents and students for their viewing pleasure!

Each first grade class chose a specific animal habitat including the ocean, jungle, arctic, or desert. Individual students then chose a particular animal within that habitat. Through classroom research, students wrote their own reports on the animal and created a diorama. They worked together as a class to create a mural.

When the AMP Animal Museum opened to parents and students for one morning, the museum curators were dressed to represent their habitats. As visitors entered the Jungle exhibit, they could read reports about jaguars and tigers and ask questions of the presenters donned in safari hats and khaki clothing. The Ocean exhibit displayed whales, dolphins, and other sea creatures, while the curators in that museum exhibit were dressed in goggles, beach hats, and sunglasses.

“This is an excellent way for students to learn about animal life,” explained AMP Assistant Principal Michele Salerno. “Not only do they learn about the animal they researched, but they learn about all the animals that each first-grader has studied.” She added that the collaboration of so many areas of the curriculum, such as research, writing, and art, is especially beneficial.

Since the first-grade classes create the Animal Museum each year, Kindergartners were especially excited as they viewed the exhibits, knowing they would have the opportunity to do this project next year!