Members of the LVHS Model UN Team took home two awards from the Model UN Conference/Competition on the Washington DC Campus of George Washington University. A total of thirty-three LVHS students attended the event and participated as members of 18 different United Nations committees. Faculty Advisors David Ethe and Katie Murawski helped prepare the students for this real-life simulation of the United Nation’s functions.

“This conference provides students with the opportunity to experience first-hand how the United Nations functions as an international body and to understand from experience what they are studying in classes and in the Model UN Club” explained Mr. Ethe. The awards received included a team “Verbal Commendation” Award and an “Honorable Mention” award to Sanjay Singh for his role in Germany on the UN Security Council.

Thirty eighth grade students from the LVMS Model UN team competed in the national Model UN Tournament in New York City where students attended a Model UN conference/competition and won five awards. The middle school team earned five “Honorable Mention” awards for five different committees. These are equivalent to earning second place awards. The Middle School participants earned the following awards for their work in their committees : Argentina: Human Rights Council, Honorable Mention – Justin Davis, Tazim Merchant; Argentina: General Assembly, Honorable Mention – Connor Torossian, Niko Martinovic; Chad: UNESCO, Honorable Mention – Zak Marcone, Kathy Benatti; Benin: UNEP, Honorable Mention – Thomas Ruhl, Katie LaMere; Serbia: WHO, Honorable Mention – Charles Stacey, Rameez Ahmad. Congratulations to all the students and to the Faculty Advisors David Ethe, Kathleen Reilly, and Barbara LaBella.