Locust Valley High School inducted 65 students into three Foreign Language Honor Societies, an achievement that requires dedication, hard work, and a true passion for language. The students, inducted into the French, Spanish, and Italian Honor Societies, took an oath to uphold the requirements, traditions, and obligations of each honor society. The oaths were taken in the respective languages, which students recited beautifully!

High School Principal Dr. Kieran McGuire and Foreign Language Department Chairperson Rachel Green welcomed friends, families, and the inductees, stressing the benefits of being multi-lingual. Board of Education Trustee Dr. Yao Chu also spoke to students, sharing his own fluency in foreign languages and how that has helped him.  Board of Education Trustee, Philip Bellisari, and Board of Education Vice President Suzanne Squeglia also attended the honor society induction.

High School Senior Zoe Vinegar impressed those in attendance with a beautiful piano piece, and Nicole Friedman, Nicholas Parente and Natasha Jahchan also performed beautiful musical numbers. Officers of each foreign language society spoke to the new inductees, welcoming them to this elite organization.

Congratulations to all of the inductees and the teachers who helped these students reach their goals.