As you are aware, this winter, the District has been forced to close on four school days.
The District’s 2014-15 School Calendar includes two days for unanticipated school cancellations.  It states that if due to inclement weather more than two additional instructional days were needed, then the vacation days of May 26th and April 7th will be designated, in that order, as instructional days.
As a result of our third school closure this year, which took place on February 9, 2015, May 26, 2015, will not be a vacation day. Instead, May 26, 2015  will be a day when school will be in session. Please plan accordingly.
Due to the school closure on March 5, 2015 April 7th will now become another day when school will be in session.
Hopefully, an additional school closure will not be necessary!