Fifth-graders at Locust Valley Intermediate School embraced the sentiment of Valentine’s Day and got together to make the day special for people who need a little extra love.

The students and their teachers created Socks for Love for the homeless and underprivileged population in neighboring communities. Each student brought in a pair of socks and personal items such as toothpaste, deodorant and shower gel, and filled the socks with the items. Handmade valentines with personalized sentiments were attached to the socks with ribbons and donated to the North Shore Inn in Glen Cove.

The entire fifth grade gathered at tables decorated in red and pink and filled their socks. Tom Jarvis, a Locust Valley resident and volunteer for the North Shore Inn, joined the party and shared with the group how much their donation means. “Some families have a home but don’t have enough money to buy the things they need,” he said. “These items will really make them happy.”

Students shared with Jarvis that giving these items away made them feel grateful for what they have and that they felt good doing something kind for others.

Assistant Principal Amy Watson said she is extremely proud of the students and teachers for their acts of kindness. “The students are learning about being principled and caring, and this activity shows them just how to exhibit those characteristics.”

Jarvis left the event with boxes of colorful socks filled with a variety of items. “This will mean so much to the people who receive them,” he said. He added that a pair of warm socks may seem simple to some, but to others it can be the difference between staying warm or being cold. “It is really beautiful that these students did this for people they don't even know,” he said.