Twelve finalists took the stage at Bayville Intermediate to spell their way to the championship spot. Each one achieved success, and fourth-grader Robert Lederer spelled his way right to first place. 

The competition was fierce, and the finalists were not faltering. Robert fought his way past fifth-grader Maria Bubulinis, who earned second place in the annual spelling bee.

Paige Coppola, library media specialist, and her assistant, Donna DeJesu, coordinated the event and ensured that all students were prepared for the competition.  The finalists earned their spots by winning the spelling bees in their classrooms. Coppola said that the spelling bee is a fun event that showcases the children’s hard work. “Spelling is so important in so many areas of the curriculum, and our students study very hard,” she said. ‘This is a great way for them to see that hard work can also be fun.”

Congratulations to all of the great spellers – they are all winners!

First-Place Winner: Robert Lederer – Fourth Grade

Second-Place Winner: Maria Bubulinis – Fifth Grade


Jason Acevedo – Third Grade

Dougie DeNatale – Third Grade

Patrick Marchiselli – Third Grade

Sam Wolfe – Third Grade

Robert Lederer – Fourth Grade

Emma Mandato – Fourth Grade

Louis Singe – Fouth Grade

Sam Tini – Fourth Grade

Maria Bubulinis – Fifth Grade

Melanie Prosser – Fifth Grade

Will Ryan – Fifth Grade

Colby Santoro – Fifth Grade