Flannel pants and bathrobes were the fashion trend at the middle school on Jan. 7 as students and staff raised money for Wounded Warriors. The student body is holding several fundraisers throughout the year to help provide iPads to soldiers. Pajama Day has raised more than $2,000 so far as students or staff members paid $1 for the privilege of dressing down.

Middle School Principal H. Thomas Hogan said the fundraiser not only contributes to an important cause, but also creates school spirit. “Students and staff had fun dressing in their silliest pajamas and knowing that they were doing something as a community to help others,” he said.

Hogan donned flannel pajama pants and a thick bathrobe, while some students wore pajamas with feet and hoods. In support of the fundraiser, the Board of Education wore their bathrobes prior to their Jan. 6 meeting, and the administrators and entire staff of central office donated money to wear pajamas to work as well. 

Superintendent Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund said when one school is participating in a worthy cause, the entire district is supportive. “Each of the schools has decided to hold a pajama day to support the middle school’s Wounded Warrior fundraisers,” she said.

With an incredible student body and staff, the middle school will be able to provide a number of iPads to soldiers in need. Planning is underway for additional fundraisers for this project. In the meantime, with the success of Pajama Day, this fundraiser will continue at the middle school each Wednesday in January.