All cozy in their pajamas, Bayville Primary students snuggled in for a bedtime story and hot cocoa, but they weren’t at home in their beds – they were at school for the Winter Wonderland.

The event, sponsored by the Bayville Elementary PTA, was organized by Assistant Principal Dorothy McManus, who read “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” to kindergarten through second-graders. Students also made winter-related crafts, such as reindeer picture frames that they filled with a photo of themselves from the event.

“It’s a special night that helps us kick off the holiday season as a family,” said McManus. “Everyone wears their pajamas, and that helps create a very relaxed atmosphere.”

Families donated pajamas and a book for the One Million Good Nights pajama program, which strives to make children feel safe and comfortable at bedtime. According to McManus, the Bayville students learned that not all children have warm pajamas or a book to read at bedtime. “It made them feel good to help children their own age who are not as fortunate,” she said.