Three Locust Valley High School students won prizes in an International art contest entitled, “What About Peace? 2009.”

Kate Schramm, a Locust Valley High School sophomore won first place in the painting portion of the competition, which included a prize of $300. Kate created the painting in Linda DeFeo’s Studio Art Class. Her freshman classmate, Zenia Morici, won third place and a $50 prize in the contest for her painting representing peace. Christina Scheblein, a sophomore, received an honorable mention, also in the painting category.
Mrs. DeFeo said her whole class entered the contest. “I thought it would be a great project for them,” she explained. “I was thrilled when I found out we had three winners.”

The contest encourages young people between the ages of 14 and 20 to express their feelings about peace through art. The Locust Valley students competed against artists from more than 30 states and as far away as Australia. In a letter to Mrs. DeFeo, the administrator and founder of What About Peace congratulated the Locust Valley winners. “Winning in this competitive arena is a great accomplishment and we honor you and your winners,” wrote Barbara Briggs-Letson. What About Peace is an organization that invites youth to think outside the box and offer new ideas for peace.

Kate Schramm’s art can be viewed by clicking here; Zenia Morici’s by clicking here; and Christina Scheblein’s at:  by clicking here.