Through scientific method, inquiring minds at Locust Valley Intermediate School performed detailed science experiments and proved interesting hypotheses. The LVI Science Fair provided an opportunity for almost 50 young scientists to display projects that ranged from determining if an egg can bounce to discovering what makes teeth decay the quickest.

Although the fair, presented by the Locust Valley Parents’ Council, is an annual event, this year’s version added a special twist. High School Science Research students served as judges, using their experience to dissect the experiments and their results. Everyone turned out to be a winner and receive a ribbon. Certain projects stood out and received special awards.

In the third grade, Optical Illusion by Gage and Aiden won for Outstanding Display; Organic vs. Non-Organic by Grace and Torry took the Outstanding Team Award; How Plants Grow Indoors by Sophia received an Outstanding Individual Award; How to Create A Video Game by Jordan and Jeremy won third place; Hydroponics and Food Production by Hanna won second place; and Magnetism by Nils took the first place ribbon.

In the fourth grade, Outstanding Display went to Balloon Blowup by Megan and Caroline; Outstanding Team went to Quicksand by Danny and Tommy; Outstanding Individual was awarded to Building a Compass by Harrison; third-place went to Can You See the Vitamin “C” by Steven; Second-place to The Invisible Force by Sarah; and the first place award to Explosive Water by Daniel.

In the fifth grade, Touchy Tech by Christopher won Outstanding Individual; Under Pressure: The Ball Bouncing Science by Nicholas and Kian, won Outstanding Team, Sensitive Beauty by Elizabeth, Stephanie, and Kelly, won Outstanding Display; Potato Chip Science by Hanna and Jacob, won third-place; Education Through Fermentation by Luca took second-place; and House Insulation by Alim won first place.