The LVI Student Council, in conjunction with the site based committee, has taken on a project that could literally change someone’s life. The group is working to raise funds to sponsor a service dog from the Guide Dog Foundation in Smithtown. They plan to work extremely hard, holding many fundraisers as the cost for sponsoring one of these special service dogs is $6,000. But that large number didn’t scare this group off – they took on the challenge with a vengeance, very anxious to help someone whose life could be improved with the help of a guide dog.

The program kicked off with a “Pennies for Puppies” fundraiser. A visit from Guide Dog Foundation representatives and the appearance of adorable puppies at this event helped inspire everyone to help. The Student Government also took a trip to the Guide Dog Foundation to see how the dogs are trained for their very special jobs.

Student Council Advisors Jane Benstock and Monica Cagney said it is important for children to see what they are working for. “By being a part of the whole process, the fundraising has more meaning for them.”