Three teams from Bayville Intermediate School were awarded honorable mention in the Toshiba Exploravision Competition, a national science competition. The fifth-grade students were among approximately 11,000 competitors in the United States and Canada. The Bayville students are among only eight teams from New York that received honorable mention.

The competition involves taking a current technology and advancing the idea 20 years into the future. Students complete online research and submit a scientific paper along with five webpage graphics. This year marked the first time that our Intermediate School students entered the competition, along with middle and high school students. Fifth graders from Bayville Intermediate and Locust Valley Intermediate formed teams and worked together to find the most ingenious solutions to problems associated with the human body. They formulated their ideas, collaborated on research, composed their project descriptions and designed a website to promote the new technology.

All of the participants worked hard and created outstanding projects. Congratulations to the students and teachers, as well as the librarians who were instrumental in helping the teams complete their research. Special congratulations to Mr. Alan Stella for his expert implementation of the Toshiba Exploravision Award Competition into the Intermediate School curriculum.

The projects that received awards are:

“The I-Cone: Using Microbots and Nanobots to Implant Artificial Cones - A Solution to Colorblindness” by Sabrina Amian, Kendall Morfis, Julia Giannoutsos, Kelly Barker and advisor Mrs. Cameron.

“Spine Savior: A Cure for Paralysis” by Alec Miranda, Rebecca Finke, Christopher Madsen, Charlotte Creedon and advisor Mrs. Pace.

“The Defeater: The Answer to Heart Attacks” by Miranda Gentile, Arianna Lombardi, Danya Karch and advisors Mrs. Irizzary and Mrs. Fonzo.