High school film students have been working in collaboration with the Locust Valley Rotary Club to document the stories of local veterans. With the support of Katherine Gibson, students filmed veterans telling their stories, and history was captured. 

The films, which will be cataloged in the Library of Congress, will be used in social studies classes as part of students’ history lessons. Recently, Gibson attended a Board of Education meeting and presented the high school with a check for $300 to support the media program and allow students to continue this meaningful work.

“This project not only preserves the invaluable stories of our veterans, it also gives students a chance to experience history in a unique way,” said media teacher Bruce Campbell. “In addition, it provides an opportunity for the community and school to collaborate for the good of the students.” The Rotary's generous gift will help fund the purchase of video equipment that the program may have been unable to obtain otherwise. 

The district wishes to thank the Locust Valley Rotary Club and specifically Katherine Gibson for supporting this project and for being the driving force that allowed it to become such a success.