Primary students throughout the district were grateful to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with their friends and teachers. Each school held its own celebration, including traditional feasts and Thanksgiving-related performances. 

Ann MacArthur Primary School kindergartners invited their families to join them for homemade soup. Dressed as Native Americans and Pilgrims, the youngsters sang songs to entertain their guests before the holiday meal. Following the performance, the soup was served, which had been made from scratch by the kindergartners, with the help of their teachers, of course.

Bayville Primary School students enjoyed a traditional turkey dinner served by parent volunteers. Also dressed in costumes to represent the holiday, the students colored their own placemats for the meal. Carolyn Sumcizk’s first-grade class performed a holiday play, which was videotaped for the students’ families to watch at home. The boys and girls sang warnings to each of the vegetables and the turkey about what was to come on Thanksgiving Day. 

Across the district, Thanksgiving offered opportunities for students and staff to have fun while learning about being thankful.