Who says learning isn’t fun and games? Board games, card games, and song writing are helping fourth graders at Bayville Intermediate School become proficient in math. The students recently held a math fair to present the games they invented based on the math skills they are learning.

Students had gathered, analyzed, and organized data as they developed creative games that required the use of multiplication concepts and skills. Finding ways to incorporate mathematics into games required that these young inventors really master the math concepts in order how to apply them.

Fourth grade teacher Margaret McDermott said the activity helped to create enthusiasm for math. “The students saw that the math skills they were learning could actually be applied to things that they enjoy doing and to things that have real life value.” 

Students created mathematical versions of their favorite games such as Candy Land, performed their favorite songs with new lyrics relating to math and invented brand new games. During the math fair, each of the fourth grade classes viewed and played the games that their peers had created. ‘Playing their classmates games reinforced the math skills even further,” McDermott said. “The end result of the project left them feeling confident and capable.”