When LVCSD students and staff hear about community members in need, they jump into action to help. Community partnerships so often help the schools and, in this case, the district was able to return the favor by providing more than $7,000 worth of Thanksgiving dinners for those in need. 

Each year, the Grenville Baker Boys and Girls Club collects baskets filled with all the fixings for Thanksgiving dinners for families in need. To supplement the club’s collections, students and staff from every building in the school district donated a total of 100 baskets, plus more than $500 to help provide delicious dinners to local families. Additional donations came from the Board of Education, superintendent and administrators.

At some schools, each class created a basket and at others, various clubs organized the collection. Stuffing mix, potatoes, cranberry sauce, cake mix, coffee and much more filled each basket. Gift cards provided money for turkeys and cash donations allowed the club to purchase any items they felt were still needed.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund said that the Locust Valley school community is one of the most altruistic she has ever come across. “The students and staff heard there was a need and the donations immediately poured in,” she said. “Being part of such a wonderful community can only make you feel good, and I hope the actions of our district will make the recipients of the baskets feel just as good.”