Kindergartners at Bayville Primary School know that pumpkins grow from seeds, but that didn’t stop them from making their own pumpkins right in their classroom. The kindergartners in Tracy Dennis’s class couldn’t wait for seeds to grow, so they made their pumpkins with papier-mache. The project was the culmination of their studies on the life cycle of the pumpkin during library research. 

Parents and children worked together, dipping strips of newspaper in a mixture of glue, flour and water. They carefully placed the strips over balloons to create the pumpkins. Several days later, after the masterpieces had dried, the students painted them orange, with green stems. 

Having applied their fine-motor and artistic skills, the students’ pumpkins also demonstrated their knowledge of the seasonal gourd.

“The students worked so hard doing their research, and they really enjoyed showing off what they learned while having fun,” Dennis said. She added that the project was a wonderful way for parents and children to share an interactive school experience.