With gavel in hand and legal facts to share, fourth-graders at Locust Valley Intermediate School learned about the court system from Supreme Court Justice Timothy S. Driscoll.

Judge Driscoll visited LVI to reinforce the lessons the fourth-graders are learning. Hearing about his experiences in the courtroom helped bring their studies of the government’s judicial branch alive. 

“It can be hard for these students to visualize exactly what the judicial branch represents,” said fourth-grade teacher Christine Worsdale. “Hearing about the judge’s responsibilities helped them more clearly understand how our government works.”

Worsdale reached out to Judge Driscoll, the father of her student Timmy Driscoll, inviting him to make the presentation. She said the information he shared will help her students throughout the year. “As we begin our study of Native Americans, we will be able to connect our own government to their ideas and values,” she explained.

Judge Driscoll created an interactive courtroom to demonstrate how he can tell when witnesses are telling the truth or lying. With selected students playing the roles of witness, attorney and court stenographer, the group saw how body language and facial expressions can indicate whether or not a witness is being honest.

The judge also showed them the law books he studies each night to help him with cases and encouraged them to work hard to achieve success in life. While he was not able to share the details of actual cases, he was able to give students general information about past cases, which helped them understand how he makes his decisions.

The district extends special thanks to Judge Driscoll for taking time out of his busy schedule for this presentation.