After proving that they are among the best in their fields and are making a notable difference for the district’s students, eight faculty members have earned tenure.

Before being tenured, staff and faculty members must secure an interview in the district to prove themselves as being the best candidates for the position. Once on the staff, these individuals still need to prove that they were the right choice. Because of their hard work and dedication, this year’s tenure recipients are truly worthy of the honor.

A reception was held in the high school auditorium to recognize the achievements of these fine professionals. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund and the Board of Education hosted the ceremony, while administrators shared with guests the accomplishments of the honorees. Those granted tenure include: LVHS reading teacher Adrienne Cahill, LVI teacher Wendy Carswell, LVMS science teacher Julie Feltman, LVMS English teacher Carole Hellyer, LVHS social studies teacher Jennifer Masa, LVE psychologist Alexis Provetto, LVI teacher Stacey Singer and districtwide school media specialist Jane Sutton.

Dr. Hunderfund said the dedication and hard work of these exceptional faculty members help to make Locust Valley the excellent school district that it is. “We are fortunate to have an outstanding staff,” she said, “and it is a pleasure to honor those who have proven they will be an asset to the schools.”

Congratulations to all of the tenure recipients!