Meeting college admissions representatives in person can give high school seniors an advantage over their peers applying to the same schools. That is one of the goals of the mini college fairs organized by the high school’s guidance department. 

Having a contact in any school’s admissions office can be very helpful throughout the application process, explained LVHS Assistant Principal Rebecca Gottesman. “When students have the opportunity to make an impression and then follow up with the representatives they met, they increase their chances of admission,” she said.

Additionally, the mini college fairs allow juniors and seniors to gather information about many schools in a short period of time. They may want to know what types of sports teams a school has, or how many freshmen are admitted each year. Students attend the fairs with prepared questions in order to make the most of their time.

Although many of these fairs took place during the beginning of the school year, several colleges are still scheduled to visit the high school. Details can be found at