Under bright blue skies, blankets were spread across the field as third-graders from Locust Valley Intermediate School enjoyed an afternoon of reading with their families.

The third-graders have been reading “The Relatives Came” by Cynthia Rylant, and the teachers organized their own rendition of the story for their students. In the book, relatives show up en masse to be together. Parents were invited to show up to school and surprise their children with a variety of books to read on the lawn. One by one, just as in the book, children hugged their relatives as they saw them and smiled as they learned that they would be staying for a special reading treat.

While some relatives could not make it, nobody was left out. Administrators from around the district attended the event to “adopt” a child for the afternoon and read to them from some of their favorite books. These children read books with the superintendent, assistant superintendent and various directors.

Assistant Principal Amy Watson said the event helped to foster a love of reading. “The third-grade teachers did an outstanding job planning this event,” she said. “We hope that by enjoying some quiet time reading together, children went home and wanted to read with their families, and will continue to do so.”