Respecting the memory of those lost on Sept. 11, 2001, Locust Valley Middle School/High School students and staff reflected on the events of that day 13 years ago. David Ethe, Social Studies Curriculum Leader, read a touching message to the entire school during the morning announcements. Senior Joseph Tancredi sang “God Bless America” and junior Cameron Carella played taps during the solemn commemoration.

Mr. Ethe spoke of the tragic events and reminded the audience that it is important to remember, to grow and to unite. “Together, on this somber day, we think back 13 years with sadness as well as anger, but we draw strength from each other, and we look ahead with hope. Our memory fortifies our resolve as we go forward in pursuit of truth -- our high and common purpose.”

Throughout the day, teachers focused many of their social studies lessons on 9-11, discussing the historical impact, reading poetry about the day and watching educational movies on the topic.