Dressed as fur trappers, medics, fishermen, candle makers, shoemakers, and tailors, Locust Valley Middle School students presented the annual Colonial Jobs Fair. The seventh graders each chose particular trades from the American colonial era, dressed the part, and set up a booth describing the profession, including a display of items used to perform that job.

This event is the culmination of the colonial times unit of study in the 7th grade Social Studies curriculum. “The job fair helps the students showcase, in a creative manner, the information they have learned during class,” said Social Studies Department Leader David J. Ethe. “The fair enhances the curriculum by intensely examining the political, social, economic, and geographic life our citizens faced during their life in the colonial communities of America.”

Students also utilized a variety of social studies skills, such as research, public speaking, examining historical perspectives, and writing. Teamwork is another important aspect of the project, as the seventh graders worked in groups to prepare and present each trade.