The newest students at Locust Valley Middle School and High School were welcomed during separate orientations that included tours, a review of the rules and opportunities to ask questions.

Sixth graders learned where their classrooms are, as well as how to find the main office, gymnasium, cafeteria, nurse and other important locations. Additionally, they practiced using the locks on their lockers and some students decorated those lockers to match their personalities. These new middle school students also made new friends as Locust Valley Intermediate and Bayville Intermediate School students come together for middle school.

High School freshmen were introduced to administrators, curriculum leaders, guidance counselors and some teachers.  They learned about the rules of the school, the importance of academic honesty and were encouraged to participate in athletics and other extracurricular activities. Keeping creativity in learning, students participated in a scavenger hunt in order to learn their way around the school.  The game had them searching to figure out which high school teacher was recognized on the Wall of Fame, what classroom number contained the TV studio and when the SAT and ACT would be given this year.

“The scavenger hunt allows them to have fun while working cooperatively and naturally learning their way around the school,” said Assistant Principal Rebecca Gottesman.