The children in the Bayville and Locust Valley elementary schools love to read, so when some of their favorite authors came to visit, they rolled out the red carpet.

Students painted replicas of book covers, created murals representing characters from the authors’ books, and were prepared with questions about how the writers came up with their ideas. 

In each of the elementary schools, the authors shared the secrets behind their stories – who their characters were named after, which of their books was their personal favorite, and whether they had any sequels on the horizon. 

“Children become even more enthusiastic about reading when they meet the authors of the books they love,” said Bayville Primary School Librarian Stefanie Lipsey. “They want to read more, and often they want to write more because they see that professional writers are real people just like us.”

At Locust Valley Intermediate School and Ann MacArthur Primary School, students were introduced to author David Adler. Mr. Adler shared stories with them about how events in his personal life became the basis for his books. 

At Bayville Primary and Bayville Intermediate schools, two authors were welcomed for a visit. Roni Schotter and James Howe took turns answering questions and sharing their writing tips with students. 

“The authors offered age-appropriate advice for writing and encouraged children to use their imaginations,” said Locust Valley Elementary School Principal Dr. Sophia Gary. 

The district extends special thanks to the parents in each of the schools who helped to organize the events.