Sometimes it’s the creativity of teachers that makes learning fun. At Bayville Intermediate School this was the case on Valentine’s Day when third graders enhanced their math and science skills using Valentine’s Day heart shaped candies.

Third-grade teacher Ann Monsees gave each of her students a box of Sweethearts as a Valentine treat, but before they could enjoy the sweets, they had to calculate some statistics about the box.

Using scales, rulers, and other scientific equipment, the eager group weighed the boxes of candy to see if they all weighed the same amount. Making predictions ahead of time, these young mathematicians discovered that not all of their hypotheses were correct. They also traced and measured the boxes of candy to determine the perimeter.

Ms. Monsees said the activity combines math, science, and teamwork. “It’s a really fun activity that enhances the lessons we are already working on in class.”

Third grade classes at BI also learned a lesson about being kind to others as part of their Valentine’s Day celebration. Prior to February 14th, the students wrote kind things about their classmates on heart-shaped pieces of paper. On Valentine’s Day, each student received the compliments written about them and created a collage from the hearts. Third-grade teacher Pamela Loher said the lesson helps students understand the importance of being kind to others. “When they receive their compliments, they see how great it makes them feel, and they realize that their kind words have made someone else feel just as great.”