Locust Valley Middle School students were treated to a very special assembly the day after the Superbowl. New York Times best-selling author and former NFL defensive end Tim Green came to speak to the student body. His message was simple yet powerful: pursue your wildest dream, but have a back-up plan. The importance of reading and putting school before sports is the key to success, explained Mr. Green. He emphasized that beyond education, a person’s character determines their success. Kindness, tolerance, forgiveness and generosity should be a part of everyone’s character. Additionally, Mr. Green stressed that reading is an exercise that builds both the brain and one’s character. Seventh grader Zachary Aristei said, “I thought he was very inspiring and taught students to follow their dreams and accomplish their goals, but also to have great character because that’s what makes you truly successful.” As an athlete who realized his dreams of becoming an NFL player and best-selling author, his message is unusually powerful. Mr. Green spoke for an hour, including a question-and-answer session.

Sixth graders Billy Finke and Kyle Elrod approached Locust Valley Middle School Principal Mr. Tom Hogan earlier this year asking if Tim Green could visit the school. “I was thrilled that two of our athletes wanted to hear from an author,” said Mr. Hogan, “We had to make this happen.” 

Locust Valley Middle School Librarian Romy Bennett arranged the logistics of his visit. Mr. Green autographed books for students and gave interviews to student newspaper representatives prior to talking to the student body.