Locust Valley High School students arrived at school one morning to find notes of encouragement stuck to their lockers. Every locker in the school had a sticky note bearing a positive slogan such as “You’re Awesome,” “Stay Amazing” and “Always be Yourself.”

For two days, students used their voices to take a stand against bullying. First, a day of loudness and then a day of silence marked anti-bullying efforts. The brightly colored inspirational notes on the lockers were part of the Day of Loudness, which also included students and staff donning brightly colored clothing and rainbow ribbons. The messages were written by members of the Gay Student Alliance and posted on lockers after the student population left school for the day. When students arrived for school in the morning, they were greeted by the positive messages. The idea came after the same act was done in the high school anonymously a few years ago.

The second day of the event was the Day of Silence, in which students took a vow of silence for an entire day as a way to take a stand to silence all bullying. Participants had to register and then received cards to present to their teachers allowing them to be silent for the day. In stark contrast to the rainbow colors worn on the Day of Loudness, students and staff dressed in black on the Day of Silence.

Mrs. Keenan and Mrs. Angelo, advisors for the GSA helped to organize the event. “The GSA participates in this event in order to take a stand against bullying and to promote safe schools for all students,” said Mrs. Keenan. The two-day event is run in conjunction with a national movement that promotes a similar awareness event for schools.