Locust Valley High School students performed their own scripts during the 8th Annual Writers/Directors’ Spring Workshop. From comedies to dramas, the original pieces evoked laughter and sympathy from audience members as each student took the stage. Some are experienced writers and editors, while others have theatrical backgrounds, but for the workshop, they bring it all together as they write, edit and perform the pieces they have worked on throughout the year.

Most years, there are two performances, however snow canceled the winter show on two occasions, leaving the students with only one night to show off all of their talent. Advisors Lawrence Lynch and Adele Bolitho said the group worked hard and learned a lot through the process. “Writing and then editing your own work is a learned skill that these students worked hard to master,” Mr. Lynch explained. “They spent countless hours perfecting their scripts, rewriting lines and practicing on stage.”

Ms. Bolitho added that each year, new students join their group, adding different perspective to the projects. “Every viewpoint for every script teaches the entire group about something,” she said. “We all work together.”

The Spring Monologue theme was Journey and allowed students to interpret that in any way they chose. Creativity is encouraged. 

Congratulations to the following students on their performances:

Michelle Angelo, Joe Arias, Jessica Hancock, Anne Hollmuller, Stela Ieraci, Richard Kihm, Jamie Murcott, Josephine Porco, Jack Shearer and Adam Witek