Locust Valley High School has once again gained national distinction by being ranked as one of the top high schools in the nation and has significantly moved up the ranks. Locust Valley High School has earned recognition as being ranked:

  • #1 nationally among open enrollment International Baccalaureate public high schools
  • #2 in NY State among open enrollment public schools and #5 in NY State overall
  • #2 on Long Island among open enrollment public schools and #2 on Long Island overall
  • #6 in the nation among open enrollment public schools
  • #91 in the nation including, private and by application schools.

 There are more than 27,000 public and private high schools in the nation. Of these, only the top nine percent qualify for The Washington Post rankings. The Washington Post’s Jay Matthews uses a formula which he calls the “Challenge Index” to calculate the rankings. The formula uses the number of AP and IB exams given at the high school divided by the number of graduating seniors. Mr. Matthews states on his website that this formula determines how well a school prepares their students for college. 

“I am very proud that Locust Valley High School has been recognized in this manner. Our High School has high expectations, encourages and supports students from diverse backgrounds to enroll in rigorous IB and AP courses, the courses which universities value the most. The Washington Post attests to the fact that proportionately speaking, our students do so more than students in all but one other open enrollment high school in New York State and the all but one other high school on Long Island,” stated Locust Valley Superintendent of Schools Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund. “Locust Valley High School’s students and faculty deserve a great deal of credit for working to make the American dream of challenging oneself and succeeding regardless of one’s background, a reality. Without the support of our Board of Education and our community, this wonderful achievement would not be possible! For all of this, we are very, very grateful and proud!”