Students at Locust Valley Intermediate School used their research skills and creativity to produce a wide array of experiments for the Locust Valley Intermediate School Science Fair. Students in third through fifth grade demonstrated how to form a hypothesis and proved their theories. These young scientists created captivating visuals to present their experiments and results.

Students worked independently or in groups for the Science Fair, hosted by the Locust Valley Elementary Parents’ Council. Although participation is voluntary, the number of participants continues to grow each year. The school’s science lab instructor, Caroline McBride, said this year’s fair had the most participants. “It's exciting to see our young students so curious about science," she said. " They impressed us with clever, well organized projects and were so eager to share what they had learned from their experiments and investigations.”

For the fourth consecutive year, members of the high school’s science research program served as the science fair’s judges, along with their teachers Chris Hoppner and Alan Stella. Mr. Hoppner said the collaboration between the two schools is beneficial for everyone involved. “My students were thrilled to interact with the younger students and inspire them,” he said. “Through this partnership, the younger students see that they can continue their scientific research throughout school, and they look forward to it.”

The winners were:

Third grade:
First place
Ainsley McGarry: “Do Dogs or Human Have More Bacteria?”
Second place
Aidan Moran: “Safe Natural Preservatives”
Third place
Daniel Glavan: “How Cables Carry Loads on Bridges”

Team: Oliver Blaise and Ryan Kanter: “Foam Explosion”
Individual: Samuel Mantovani: “Explosion in a Bag”

Fourth grade:
First place
Nicole Berritto and Frankie Ottimo: “Pondwater Biofilter”
Second place
Siena Odrich and Noelle Valdinoto: “Bacteria of the Mouth”
Third place
Hope Kim, Gabriela Mazza and Olivia O’Connell: “Five Second Rule”

Team: Gwendolyn Jones, Sophia Sinkoff and Madison Weiss: “Invisible Ink Project”
Individual: Adil Khwaja: “The Steady Hand Test”

Fifth grade:
First place
Zachary Watson: “Magnetic Levitation”
Second place
Emma Gallo: “Power of Gravity”
Third place
Daniel Palleschi and Alyssa Zambuto: “Electric Resistance with a Pencil”

Team: Chloe Angelone, Claire Hogan and Katarina Siafakas: “Best Way to Melt Sidewalk Ice”
Individual: Piper Bondy: “Who’s Coming to Dinner?”