As of March 10, 2014, a panel assembled by Governor Cuomo recommended that the New York State Education Department sever all ties with inBloom, a private data storage firm.

For more than three years, our Locust Valley Central School District Board of Education and our Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Hunderfund, have consistently opposed the release of personal student information to InBloom, without explicit authorization from parents to do so. During that time, our district’s concern regarding and opposition to violating student privacy has been shared with Senator Marcellino, Assemblyman Montesano, Assemblyman Lavine, Senator John Flanagan, the Regents, the State Education Department Commissioner and the Deputy Governor of the State of New York.

Despite these protests, according to recent media reports, the New York State Education Department continues to be the only state education department which intends to share confidential student data with inBloom. This data includes student achievement records, race, ethnicity, CSE and 504 classification information, discipline records, the income levels of certain families and more.

Given that earlier this week, the advisory committee to Governor Cuomo recommended that ties with inBloom be severed, that the Governor appears receptive to this recommendation and that Assemblyman Montesano and Assemblyman Lavine and others have sponsored a bill to curb InBloom, it appears that this is an opportune time for parents and residents to voice their opinions to the sponsors of related bills, to other legislators and to the Governor regarding this extremely serious privacy issue.

Links are provided below regarding regarding Assembly bill A-06059A and Senate bill S5932-2013), links to local legislators, as well as a link to an online petition opposing InBloom.


Senator John Flanagan

Senator Carl Marcellino

Senator Jack Martins

Assemblyman Charles Lavine

Assemblyman Michael Montesano


In order to communicate with the Governor, parents and residents are encouraged to use the contact form on the Governor's webpage,    ,

and/or consider sending a letter to:

Governor Andrew Cuomo

New York State Capitol Building

Albany, New York 12224