Giving apples to the teacher is a longstanding tradition, but what is a teacher to do with all those apples? Second grade teacher Santa Rovere used the apples she received from students as an opportunity to enhance the curriculum and have some fun with her class at Bayville Primary School.

Since the second-grade curriculum includes learning “how to” write a “how to,” the class worked together to make applesauce from scratch following a recipe, “How to Make Applesauce.” Reading the recipe and following the steps, helped the children to see first-hand how a “how to” is written, why the details are important, and that following directions exactly is also critical. 

This creative lesson had students reading the recipe, following the steps, and finally, enjoying the delicious outcome of their efforts! The experience will help students write their own “how to” stories on topics of their choosing, such as how to build a snowman, or how to tie your shoes.

Mrs. Rovere said making the lesson interactive and fun helps the children to understand the material and keeps them interested in the topic. “By participating in the cooking and then eating the applesauce, the students saw that giving proper directions is important. Now they can apply what they’ve learned to their own stories,” she explained.